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NAMAS is setting the standards in medical auditing & education

NAMAS humbly began as a educator and certifying body in medical auditing in 2007 and quickly grew into the noted resource for all medical auditing and compliance needs.  Our team and faculty work hard to bring you membership resources, products, tools, and training that is not only timely and specific to medical auditing and compliance, but also that is specific to the needs of medical practices today.  NAMAS staff are industry recognized experts who provide audits and consulting services to active clients which gives NAMAS the cutting edge to provide relevant training.

What can NAMAS do for you?

  • Training in medical auditing
  • CEU opportunities
  • Relevant and up-to-date news and information
  • Products that are auditing & compliance specific
  • Association through membership to provide all of your medical auditing and compliance needs
  • Annual conference event that is auditing and compliance specific


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