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Weekly Documentation & Compliance Tips

Each week, NAMAS sends a Documentation & Compliance Tip email. You will automatically receive these emails delivered to your inbox every Friday afternoon.

Subscription to BC Advantage Magazine for Gold, Platinum & Diamond Memberships

NAMAS provides its members with a complimentary subscription to BC Advantage magazine. Upon joining or renewing,  NAMAS will provide BC Advantage with notice of your membership and you’ll receive a welcome communication from the magazine with instructions on how to access their website. (This is not available for Lite & Silver Memberships)

DoctorsManagement University (DMU) Classes

DoctorsManagement University is an online medical practice management training course. The course is free to NAMAS members; however, there is an exam fee if you are interested in taking the Certified Medical Practice Manager (CMPM) certification exam.

Click Here to Learn More About DMU

Pharmacy Discounts

NAMAS proudly offers you and your family/friends a Discounted Prescription Card. Simply print this free card and receive savings of up to 75% at over 68,000 pharmacies nationwide. This card is helpful if you are uninsured or underinsured; however, even if you have insurance, you can still use this card to get a discount on non-covered prescriptions. All prescriptions processed through the program are completely confidential. 

Discounted Errors & Omissions Insurance (offered through Fox Point Programs)

Does your corporate Errors & Omissions (E&O) policy cover you as an auditor? Professional Liability, also known as Errors & Omissions Insurance, is designed to provide financial protection from damages and expenses (such as legal fees and court costs) from allegations of wrongdoing about how you did or didn’t perform your job duties as a medical auditor.

NAMAS has partnered with Fox Point Programs to offer NAMAS members discounted errors & omissions insurance. NAMAS members can save up to 15% with this membership benefit. Optional add-on coverage is available. To learn more and download the application for coverage, visit

Discounted ID, Legal & Financial Protection (offered through Financial Lock)

We’re all aware of identity theft, but did you know many hackers are now stealing an individual’s medical identity to take advantage of your medical benefits?

Financial Lock offers the most complete and affordable identity protection to protect your complete identity. Financial Lock includes protection against your credit, social security number, medical information, social media, and more. Financial Lock watches over 30 theft access points to keep you protected. If a problem occurs, Financial Lock will not only notify you but also assist you in fixing any breaches that occur.

NAMAS members save 25% on the protection offered through Financial Lock. To learn more, visit

Webinars, Bootcamps & Workshops

You may register for upcoming LIVE webinars anytime through the Calendar of Events, by logging in to your NAMAS profile. In the Calendar of Events, you can access the events made available through your membership benefits, just look for the current month, previous months or, upcoming. Here you will also access previous webinar events OnDemand.

Watch the Video on How to Access Live Events

Yes! If you cannot attend a webinar, have no worries. Access to the OnDemand recording is also available post-event in the Calendar of Events. You will also find the post-demand CEU quiz and the handouts for each webinar.

Watch the Video on How to Access OnDemand Events

Continuing Education Units CEU’s

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) quantify participation in approved professional development programs or activities. Currently, NAMAS seeks CEUs from AAPC and accepts AAPC CEUs for its own certifications. This prevents our members from having to obtain duplicate credits. 

NAMAS requires CEUs for our certification to ensure that each auditor’s knowledge remains current and on-trend and that vital information is always and consistently reviewed. To minimize this burden, NAMAS provides CEU opportunities to our members.

By attending our Webinars, Workshops, BootCamps, Virtual Conferences, or In-person Conferences. NAMASMembers, you will find all of these on your calendar of events or in our store:

Other ways to earn CEUs:

  • 1 NAMAS CEU will be allowed for each article written and published. Enter the information into the NAMAS CEU Tracker, and include a link to the article in the “Description” box. 
  • 1 NAMAS CEU will be allowed for each hour of presentation time. Enter the information into the NAMAS CEU Tracker, and include a link to the agenda in the “Description” box.
  • Recertify: Challenge yourself to retake the certification exam for your credentials. Recertifying counts for all CEUs in full.
  • Certify: Embrace a new credential. Earn a new credential and provide this information to NAMAS through the CEU tracker. This will satisfy renewal CEUs for the current year.
  • 12 annual CEUs per certification. CEUs honored are AAPC | AHIMA | AMBA
  • CEU training should closely mirror the area of expertise of the certification. For example, those holding the CEMA should have most of their CEUs on E/M topics.
  • CEUs are required per year based on your “Join Date” in your MemberClicks account.
  • CEUs do NOT roll over, and those accrued during one certification period cannot be used to satisfy another certification period.

NAMAS now has tracking enabled to assist in monitoring your CEUs for all our NAMAS Members. 

Download the user guide on entering your CEUs here

Certifications & Exams

NAMAS now offers online, proctored exams that are available 24/7 through the SYNAP platform. You don’t need to arrange your own proctoring; this is already included in the price of the exam. Getting certified has never been easier.

90% of the people who attend the BootCamps pass the certification exam on the first try. So we highly recommend attending a Bootcamp to increase your chances of passing the exam. You can access our BootCamps here:

The Employer should email us at with the employee’s information, we will then send the employee a release form in order to proceed & complete the employee verification form which is sent to the employer directly. 

The exams are open-book, so read and highlight your manual before taking the test. You can buy your manuals to study here:

Auditing, Compliance, Coding, Hiring a Speaker & other services

This is another of the many reasons why being a NAMAS member is so helpful. As a Member, you can go to the “Ask the Expert” section under Auditing Resources. Here you can type your question, and one of our experts will answer it. 

This is a benefit exclusively for NAMAS Members. Still, you can access all kinds of auditing tools, medical necessity charts, and quick reference cards by logging in to your NAMAS profile. You will also find access to valuable educational resources, Auditing Guidelines, and access to the NAMAS blog.

NAMAS provides onsite and virtual speakers for all types of events. Shannon DeConda or one of our NAMAS Team Members works to coordinate event dates and times as much as possible. Due to the number of requests received, we must consider each on a first-come-first-served basis and according to our scheduled availability. 

Please note if an honorarium (or exhibit booth) and/or travel reimbursement is available, please provide this information.

For events for which we cannot provide an honorarium, please submit your interest and speaker needs. We will also do our best to fill as many of these requests as we can annually. 

Topics include any topic related to coding, auditing, billing or compliance. 

*Evaluation & Management Services for all types and places of service, preventive Wellness Services, Critical Care & Emergency Services, Modifiers and the mayhem the cause, Organizing the process and purpose of audit, Denials & AR, Incident-to & Split-Shared, Creating an audit plan, Structuring your internal team for growth and Leadership & Career Growth

E-mail us at

Auditing Services

NAMAS offers comprehensive auditing of medical coding to help you ensure compliance.
The OIG recommends annual reviews of coding and billing practices. Read more about this essential service.

To inquire about auditing services for your organization, please email 

Production Coding Services

NAMAS offers coding services for your encounters.
Let us help relieve your coding backlog AND keep you current!

To inquire about coding services for your organization, please email

Consulting Services

In addition to coding and auditing, NAMAS can customize a consulting and training program to help your organization run smoothly.

To inquire about consulting services for your organization, please email

Our weekly tip used to be a member-only benefit, but NAMAS’s true mission is to provide value-based education to EVERYONE! With that effort in mind, these tips are now available to anyone who wants access to them.


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