Educate & Train: Physician Provider Coder & Auditor

The Training Audience Matters

Physicians, providers, coders, and auditors require customized training that must be engineered for their audience’s needs.

When training coders and auditors, our role is to ensure their working knowledge that supports the compliance of your organization is proficient.

The goal of physician and provider training is to advance their documentation skills to ensure the outcomes support the appropriate level of service.

While the same structure and format are often used for both training events, the objectives are scarcely the same. 

What Makes NAMAS Training Different?

We offer personalized training tailored to your organization’s needs. Our trainer will analyze your utilization patterns and ensure necessary services are covered.

We are incredibly grateful to have such passionate educators who consistently exceed expectations in their speaking and training. Their unwavering commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest content and curriculum is truly impressive.

Additionally, our team is dual-functioning. Our trainers are also actively auditing, coding, and providing consulting services when not training. NAMAS provides proactive audits giving our team a breadth of visibility into common trends, but we also work on appeals and litigation support. This increases our exposure to exactly what the carriers are focusing on and what is necessary for the payment of claims.

Customized Topics We Cover

Due to the diversity in our team, there are no specialties off limits. This includes adult and pediatric medicine

Additional Considerations

CEU through the AAPC can be provided, and we can assist with any applications you may have for physician CME

A recording is available for those unable to attend or to use for future onboarding

Trainings are based on per-session pricing, not per-person

A quiz can be provided for OnDemand proficiency verification

How it Works

Discovery Call: It starts with a call designed to understand the objectives of the training event, define the audience, discuss the topic, and examine the setting options (remote/onsite).

Scope & Agreement: NAMAS will provide a written Scope that outlines training aspects, responsibilities of the Client and NAMAS, and other project details. An agreement with pricing considerations and options are also provided.

Business Associate Agreement (BAA): NAMAS will request a BAA in most instances due to sample notes used throughout customized training.

Project Launch Call: The trainer assigned to this project will schedule a call to discuss the scheduling of the event, but more importantly, the details of the agenda to be covered.

Handouts & Resources: No less than 24 hours prior to the training event, all resources will be provided by our team member

Acknowledgment of Training for Physicians, Coders, and Auditors:

Sometimes, signing on the dotted line makes an event feel more official. Make this applicable to your next training event.

As a free resource to you, consider downloading this form, customizing it to your organization, and using it for your next training.

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Shannon DeConda is ready for a Discovery Call with you- so email her today! or see the Contact Us and submit your information.