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OnDemand Training: ICD-10 Updates 2023

ICD-10-CM code sets: Are you familiar with what is new, what’s changed and if anything has been deleted? This webinar will arm you with the most current information to accurately code services performed…


OnDemand Training: Risk Adjustment Auditing

This webinar provides an active discussion of how audits can impact not only the level of E/M service selected but also risk adjustment scores, which have a two-fold consequence to both provider and payer….


OnDemand Training: HCC - Specificity

We will discuss the review process and documentation that must be present to code to the highest level of specificity, along with steps to take when documentation does not support a more specific diagnosis selected for reporting….


OnDemand Training: How-to Audit Complex Surgeries

In this webinar, attendees will learn about the process of auditing surgical notes for a variety of different specialties, with the emphasis being on process improvement…


Revised MDM Chart: Office Based Service

NAMAS has solved the deficiencies with the AMA MDM Cart, by taking the MDM chart and researching the guidelines and pulling in additional guidance, terms, and adding examples to convert this chart into a useful tool…


OnDemand Training: Comparative Billing Reports

The purpose of this program is to educate revenue cycle managers, attorneys, compliance professionals and health care professional practitioners how to properly respond to insurance company audits and recoupments…