A coding audit is a comprehensive review of your coding, billing, documentation and reimbursement process. Who better to perform your coding audit than the only nationally recognized trainer of medical auditors?

NAMAS auditors are dually credentialed as Certified Professional Medical Auditors (CPMA) and Certified Professional Coders (CPC) and each auditor has a minimum of 15 years’ experience. Our auditors perform more than 2000 unique coding and compliance audits annually for medical practices and facilities around the country and overseas.

The reason for performing a coding/documentation audit is compliance. An annual review of your practice’s coding and documentation is recommended by the OIG (Office of Inspector General) as part of an effective compliance program. A coding audit can help ensure that you are receiving appropriate reimbursement for all the services you provide. In addition, a coding audit will help:

  • Identify areas of risk leading to over or under coding and documentation
  • Ensure that your coding practices are compliant with the regulations set forth by private and government payors
  • Teach your providers and staff how to use documentation to maintain compliance and proper reimbursement

Coding audits can be performed remotely or at your location. A NAMAS auditor will review a random selection of charts to identify trends in your coding practices that may be costing your practice money or putting your practice at risk. Our comprehensive coding audits include an evaluation of the practice’s fee schedule, modifier usage, CPT/ICD coding, provider documentation, EOB denial trends, and productivity levels for Bell Curve analysis. Your NAMAS auditor is proficient in the rules and regulations enforced by Medicare and commercial payors. Your NAMAS auditor will also identify coding and billing practices that could increase efficiency and overall revenue.

Implementation is critical and your NAMAS auditor will recommend best practices and how to correct identified deficiencies detected during your review. Therefore, it is most important that the audit findings are discussed and reviewed in detail with each provider, including physician assistants and nurse practitioners. Education to ensure improvement of the noted deficiencies is paramount to the overall success of the audit. Our auditors will communicate the methodologies used during your audit. A NAMAS auditor will also spend time with each key staff member such as medical and surgical coders to provide hands-on training and feedback to ensure they are equipped to assign the most accurate codes that are in the best interest of the practice.

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