Does navigating the upcoming E/M changes
seem a bit confusing?

Preparing for 2021 changes.

We see the big changes sighted ahead, but we’re staying fixated on you. We want to give you a clear understanding. Ensure you are informed on all that is transpiring and educated with the tools to confidently continue forward. Removing the haze. Removing the obscurity. 

Our team of experts have put together a series of webinar trainings to help demystify these changes and clear some of the confusion. Each training focuses on a specific area of coding and documentation and gives the audience an in-depth look and explanation of the changes.


  • Broad Overview of E/M Changes
  • Defining the Differences in 2020 vs. 2021
  • Medical Necessity & E/M Changes
  • History & Exam in 2021: The Quandary
  • Understanding MDM in 2021: 3 Part Series
  • Training Your Providers for 2021
  • Hands On 2020 vs. 2021
  • Hands On/ Q&A

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